Dental Crowns Restore the Function and Aesthetics of Your Smile

A decayed or damaged tooth affects not just the appearance but also the form and function of your smile. Left untreated, cracked and worn teeth can cause further oral health complications.

A crown is a dental restoration that can repair a damaged or decayed tooth, or support a tooth that has undergone a procedure such as a root canal or filling. Dr. Craig Hinedesigns custom dental crowns at our Bixby, OK, practice, to preserve and restore the health of your teeth.

How Can You Benefit from Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns offer both functional and cosmetic benefits in fortifying damaged teeth.

A dental crown is a cap that covers the visible part of a damaged tooth. Crowns can effectively preserve tooth structure and restore lost teeth. A dental crown can:

  • Prevent a weak tooth from breaking
  • Preserve a cracked tooth
  • Restore a broken, worn, or misshaped tooth
  • Restore a dental implant for a missing tooth

The bonding material and cement that we use to apply crowns at our practice are of the highest quality, ensuring comfort and durability. Your crown will also be custom-made to guarantee that it matches the shade and size of your other teeth.

Placing Your Crowns

When you come in for your initial consultation at Hine Dental, Dr. Hine will examine your mouth to check for signs of gum disease or tooth decay. If he discovers any additional health concerns, he can recommend the appropriate treatment at this time.

After Dr. Hine has determined your candidacy for a crown, your treatment will begin with the doctor removing a small amount of enamel from the affected tooth to create space for the dental crown. Then, the doctor will take impressions of your smile, and send the mold to a dental lab that uses high-quality materials to craft your custom crown. Dr. Hine may attach a temporary restoration at this time.

It typically takes two weeks to fabricate your permanent restoration. When your permanent crown is ready, you will return to our office, and Dr. Hine will cement the crown in place. Dr. Hine will ensure that it feels comfortable and that it does not interfere with your bite alignment. In some cases, Hine Dental can design, create, and place same-day crowns.

We utilize superior materials and advanced technology to deliver custom crowns that blend seamlessly with your smile.

Why Choose Us?

Dr. Hine began his career as a dental lab technician before he studied and began practicing dentistry. This helped him develop a keen eye for aesthetics and form, which gives Hine Dental a distinct advantage over other practices.

Dental crowns are an effective way to preserve and restore teeth affected by decay or damage. We utilize superior materials and advanced technology to deliver custom crowns that blend seamlessly with your smile. Contact us to learn more, and to schedule your consultation.